Milk shakes

Milkshakes for Every Sweet Tooth

What do first dates, family outings, quick lunches, and solo celebrations have in common? They’re best enjoyed with a milkshake in arm’s reach. Whether you prefer yours sweet and simple or loaded with toppings, we’ve got a Famous Shake to match your taste. The only question is: are you keeping it classic or going gourmet?

teens sharing milkshake
Classic milkshakes that never go out of style

Classic milkshakes that never go out of style

Strawberry milkshakes


Some family grocery runs go on longer than expected. And by the time you’ve paid for the last item in your trolley, you’ve probably worked up a serious appetite. Next stop: the nearest Wimpy, where the whole family can recharge with a refreshing Strawberry Milkshake.

Chocolate milkshakes


You’re sitting across from your date when a waiter hands you a menu. Your date has a quick look and can’t figure out what to order for lunch. Keep it sweet and simple with a Chocolate Milkshake. It’s a timeless choice that never disappoints.


If simple and satisfying had a flavour, it would probably be vanilla. Vanilla Milkshakes go with everything, so you can have yours with a brekkie, a Famous Grill, and every lunch special[link to lunch special

Vanilla milkshake
Gourmet milkshake to indulge in

Gourmet milkshakes to indulge in

Bar One milkshake

Gourmet Shake

Life is full of reasons to celebrate: the end of exam season, the first day at a new job, or catching up with an old friend somewhwere family friendly. You can keep your celebrations simple, or you can go all out with a Bar-One® Gourmet Shake.

Milktart milkshake

Gourmet Shake

It doesn’t get more Mzansi than a Milk Tart Gourmet Shake. When nothing less than local will do, enjoy the familiar flavour of this homegrown treat and bring the whole family, whether it’s the one you were born into or the one you chose.

Toffee Mocha
Gourmet Shake

Not quite in the mood but eager to enjoy something similar to it? Try our Toffee Mocha Milkshake, made for coffee lovers and our guests with a sweet tooth. It’s the only way to make your brekkie or lunch feel more special

Toffee Mocha Gourmet milkshake
Get a meal with your milkshake

Get a Meal with Your Milkshake

Bacon and
Cheese Burger

As far as comfort food goes, it doesn’t get better than a burger and shake. You’re free to go with a familiar favourite, but if you’re looking for a rare treat, our Bacon and Cheese Burger is your best bet. Pair it with your favourite Famous Shake to enjoy a classic combo your way. Or feel free to checkout our other lunch specials.

Bacon cheese burger with milkshake and chips
Chicken wings, relish and chips with a vanilla milkshake

Chicken Wings

Chicken Wings are good enough on their own, and even better with your favourite Famous Shake. This sweet and savoury blend can be enjoyed solo or with your someone special.

Ready to sip something sweet?

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