Keeping food fresh during loadshedding

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We take food safety seriously. We know how important it is to have fresh food available for you, regardless of the loadshedding stage. Some of the measures taken by managers and franchisees to maintain the highest level of food safety before, during and after loadshedding include:

  • Making sure our dating and labelling procedures are accurate and being followed consistently
  • Rotating stock as and when needed
  • Preventing cross-contamination by following strict storage procedures
  • Food Safety procedures in place & adhered to.
  • Temperature checks in place & adhered to during, before & post load shedding to preserve product integrity & avoid food wastage
  • Back up fridge cooler procedures in place to ensure consistency on the required temperatures
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Our franchisees are provided with a comprehensive guideline to ensure that the food they serve is always fresh and safe to consume.

When we encounter unforeseen issues like power outages or loadshedding, it’s crucial to keep our guests in the loop about our efforts to maintain food quality and safety regulations.

In the event of loadshedding, it’s possible that some of our products may take longer to prepare due to the limited usage of equipment. In such cases, we recommend that our staff informs the guests about potential delays or suggests alternative menu items that can be prepared more efficiently. If a product is unavailable due to loadshedding, it’s important to inform the guests of its unavailability and apologise for any inconvenience caused.

By proactively communicating with our guests about such issues, we can demonstrate our commitment to providing exceptional customer service and ensuring their satisfaction. We believe that transparency and honesty are key to building strong relationships with our guests and fostering their trust in our brand.

Regardless of the loadshedding schedule, there’s always a seat and a fresh meal waiting for you at Wimpy.

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