When a cluster of clouds blanket the sky, Hadeda starts building a nest to shelter herself from the heavy downpour. But an even bigger storm is brewing in her heart. Hadeda can’t help but feel dull and boring compared to the bright weaver bird and the amusing monkey. Before the day is done, Hadeda does something super special to brighten a gloomy day.

The Hadeda and the Storm is a heart-warming original story that demonstrates how comparison clouds our sense of self-worth. What sets us apart sometimes feels like a shortcoming but, oftentimes, it’s the very thing that makes us great.

A brown hadeda, a yellow bird and a brown monkey swining in the air.
A headshot of Nicole Rimensberger, the author of The Hadeda and the Storm.



Having spent most of her childhood with her nose in a book, it’s no wonder that Nicole developed a passion for storytelling. Nicole has written four children’s books set in Mzansi, all of which were written with the aim of bringing more diversity to children’s literature.

Nicole is also an English lecturer and has worked for NGOs evaluating educational projects aimed at improving rural and township schools.

Yama Sadan, the author of The Hadeda and the Storm.



Yumna Sadan is a creative director by day and an author and illustrator by night. Her background in graphic design, coupled with her passion for illustration, design and writing eventually led her to the landscape of literature.

In 2020, Yumna and her husband completed their first children’s book and that’s how her journey as an author and illustrator began.

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